If you wish to pursuea career as an arbitrator, then imagine some of the world’s most renowned arbitrators and top executives and case managers from ICC in front of you ready to impart their unparalleled experience in all aspects of ICC arbitration proceedings. Imagine living this experiencealongside forty talented classmates from several countries, speciallyselected on the basis of their background in international arbitration. This may seem like a dream, but it is a dream that comes true in ICC’s Advanced Arbitration Academy.

After success in other regions, ICChas brought its Advanced Arbitration Academy to Latin America. This is a two-year course, divided into eightintensive one-day sessions, held every three months in four cities –São Paulo, Miami, Bogota and Mexico City.Participants must prepare each session thoroughly by undertaking recommended readingand completing assignmentsbased on real cases ahead of each session.

The Academyis specially designed for those wishing to act asarbitrators in international arbitration. Its purpose is not only to improve a participant’s knowledge of ICC arbitration, but alsoto develop and strengthenthe skillsand techniquesthat will be needed in practice, such aseffective drafting of arbitral awards and orders, and efficient case management. The topics covered in the course are: (i) appointment as an arbitrator; (ii) the jurisdiction of the tribunal; (iii) case management; (iv) provisional remedies and security for costs; (v) evidence; (vi) administering the arbitral hearing; (vii) the arbitral award; and (viii) scrutiny, delivery of the award andenforcement. Each topic is covered in great depth.

What has made the Academy doubly enriching is the quality of my classmates. They have considerable knowledge and their experiences are varied, so their contributions are very valuable. They set a very high level, which has encouraged me to work hard on every group assignment and discussion in order to perform well. As inany course, the better the group, the better the outcome. All participants are hand-picked, so congratulations to theorganisers for bringing together such an excellent group.

By the time this issue of the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin is published, the Academy’s third workshop in Bogota will have already taken place, so we will be nearing the end of the first half of the programme. Although,for me,this sadly means that almost half of this unique experience is over, the good news is that enrolment for the next coursewill open soon, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is interested.

I would like to end this note by sharing the introductory words of a moderator at one the Academy’s sessions. Themoderator, who is an eminent arbitrator, told the audience that the current generation of arbitrators never had the opportunity to be trained by expert arbitrators in a course of this kind and that such an experience would have been invaluable for him. In a world where there is relatively little transmission ofprofessional experience from one generation to the next, the ICC Advanced Arbitration Academyis a rare and truly uniqueopportunity to acquire such experience and should not be missed.

For more information, see the ICC website, www.iccwbo.org