The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR's Task Force on the Use of Information Technology in International Arbitration first reported on this subject in 2004 under the leadership of Erik G.W. Schäfer and David B. Wilson. Since then, the use and acceptance of IT in international arbitration has substantially increased, especially following advances in technology that have led to solutions that were not available in 2004. This has prompted the Task Force to revise and update their report on ‘Issues to be Considered when Using IT in International Arbitration’, which is accompanied by an updated appendix containing sample wording dealing with the use of IT that may be adopted by parties and arbitrators at various stages of an arbitration. The purpose of their updated report is described as follows by the authors:

the goal of the report is to provide an analytical framework that we hope will assist parties, counsel and arbitrators when they evaluate whether a particular form of IT should be used and (if so) how it can be used in a cost-effective, fair and efficient manner.Where we believe that a particular approach may be helpful we say so, but we encourage (and would be delighted to see) readers of this report improve upon the Task Force’s suggestions and develop even better “best” practices. [footnote omitted]

The full text of the updated report and appendix may be found by following this link