2018 has been a record year for international commercial mediation at ICC with a 23% increase in new cases compared to 2017, with over a hundred companies having used the ADR Centre’s services in the last twelve months. As ICC Mediation is becoming ever more popular and diverse, the ADR Centre is working on different ways to simplify its procedures and accompany users in the best way possible.

How is the ICC Mediation Request form helpful to ICC Mediation users?

Parties who wish to use ICC Mediation in order to resolve their dispute can now introduce their request by simply filling-out our template Request form. This form is very easy to use and is available in French, English and Spanish. It allows the parties to anticipate questions regarding the mediation procedure and guides them in their choice with regard to the language and place of the proceedings, as well as the selection of a mediator.

The template request form is a time-saving, efficient tool that makes it easier for parties to introduce ICC Mediation proceedings.

It also allows the ADR Centre to process requests more efficiently, as the template Request form ensures that Requesting parties respond to all procedural aspects of an ICC Mediation.

Who is this form for: parties or counsels?

Similarly to our Mediation Guidance Notes,1 the template request form was designed to be accessible to both parties and counsels, and to allow legal and non-legal professionals to introduce and participate in mediation proceedings.

By using the template request form, the parties are still able to submit all the information they deem necessary as the space provided in the comment boxes is unlimited. The form’s layout assists the users in providing the relevant information at the stage of a mediation request. On the basis of this form, the ADR Centre will extract key information out of the Request.

When filing their Request, parties can however choose not to use the Request form if they prefer.

The new ICC Mediation Request form is published in this issue of the Bulletin. To receive the form in a fillable format or for more information about ICC Mediation, please contact the ICC International Centre for ADR by phone (+33 (0)1 49 53 29 03) or email (adr@iccwbo.org).

The ICC Mediation Request form is here

Report of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR (2014), available at https://iccwbo.org/publication/icc-2014-mediation-guidance-notes/.