The ICC Institute of World Business Law (the ‘Institute’) is a think-tank that provides research, training and information to the legal profession concerned with the development of international business law, including international arbitration. It is composed by 39 Council members from 19 countries and more than 240 members from around the world.

Recognizing the need for a local presence to encourage the study and fostering the knowledge of legal matters concerning international business, the Institute decided to create its first regional chapter, the Latin American and Iberian Chapter (the ‘LAI Chapter’).

The LAI Chapter was created with the aim to:

  • undertake academic activities on subjects related to the law and practices of international business including arbitration in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula; and
  • give the Institute members the opportunity to be more actively involved in the Institute’s work on a regional basis.

Institute members who reside in Latin America or the Iberian Peninsula, or are nationals from these regions, will automatically be members of the LAI Chapter. Institute members who, despite not residing nor being a national from these regions, show a particular interest in the development of the law and practice of international business including arbitration in the region can apply to become members.

The LAI Chapter is chaired by an Institute Council member, Eduardo Silva Romero, assisted by a Bureau composed of three Institute members: Professor Judith Martins-Costa (Judith Martins-Costa Advogados, Brazil), Professor Francisco Gonzalez de Cossío (González de Cossío Abogados, S.C., Mexico) and Professor Pilar Perales Viscasillas (Chair of Commercial Law, University Carlos III, Spain). Maria Claudia Procopiak was appointed the Secretary of the LAI Chapter.

The LAI Chapter was officially launched during the 16th ICC Miami Conference on International Arbitration, the most important gathering for the Latin American arbitration community. On behalf of Eduardo Silva Romero, Katherine González Arrocha, ICC Regional Director for Arbitration and ADR for the Americas, announced the launch of the Chapter during a lunch organised in the presence of more than 130 arbitration practitioners from the region, including several Institute and Council members. The initiative was very well received by the practitioners in the region and the LAI Chapter is undertaking its first project:

The interference of the political constitutions of Latin American and Iberian countries in the development of international arbitration.

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