ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

The ICC Bulletin is an essential resource for practitioners and scholars. It includes:

  • Extracts from awards rendered in ICC arbitrations
  • Commentaries on case decisions, practices and procedures
  • ICC dispute resolution statistics
  • Reports on legal, procedural and practical aspects of dispute resolution

The Bulletin is published four times a year in e-format. It is available free of charge to ICC members. Non-members can order directly on the ICC Store.


International Arbitration Under Review

Essays in Honour of John Beechey

ICC Pub. No. 772E, €135

This collection of 34 articles provides informed commentary by leading arbitration specialists on some of today’s most pressing subjects, including procedural efficiency, arbitrator independence and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). The book also contains thought-provoking articles on other discrete topics, as varied as arbitral appeal procedures, responsibilities of institutions, dissenting opinions, remission of awards, use of arbitration in disputes arising from mass disasters, and party representation by foreign lawyers, as well as studies on regional developments.


ICC Pub. No. 977E, €269

The Handbook of ICC Arbitration reviews the first two years’ practice under the 2012 ICC Rules on Arbitration. The authors provide an expert rule-by-rule analysis of the 2012 Rules based on first-hand experience as arbitrators, counsel and ICC Court members. Invaluable companion for arbitration and ADR practitioners, international litigation lawyers, in-house lawyers and National Governments alike, this publication provides in one volume what is needed to conduct an ICC arbitration wherever it may be held.


ICC Pub. No. 782E, €150

Written from a practical perspective, this book is an essential resource for company lawyers who wish to familiarize themselves with ICC arbitration, assess the pros and cons of entering into an arbitration clause referring to the ICC Rules, or obtain information and guidance on how to proceed in a given situation. Arbitration practitioners will find useful information on the practice of ICC arbitration, including various notes of the ICC Court Secretariat and reports of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR.


The Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration

A Practical Commentary on the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration from the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

ICC Pub. No. 729E, €119

The authors, former senior members of the ICC Secretariat, give an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into how the 2012 Rules work in practice. With this Guide you will be better equipped to navigate through the ICC arbitral process.


Class and Group Actions in Arbitration

Dossier XIV of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

Edited by Bernard Hanotiau and Eric Schwartz ICC Pub. No. 771E, €75

This publication examines the complex issues involved in class or group arbitration on a comparative law basis.

Is there a place for such proceedings within the framework of the arbitration process? Class action procedures, as developed in the United States court system and more recently in Canada, are almost nonexistent in Europe. The book highlights the lessons which have been learned from the experience of cases in the US and in Europe.



Addressing Issues of Corruption in Commercial and Investment Arbitration

Dossier XIII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

This publication addresses the issue of corruption in arbitration in a systematic way. The topics covered include the impact of corruption on “gateway issues” of arbitrability, jurisdiction, admissibility and procedure; the arbitrator’s rights and duties to investigate and report corruption. It also addresses the most recent thinking and case law on the burden and standard of proof for allegations of corruption as well as the consequences and effects of allegations or positive findings of corruption on the dispute on the merits and the enforceability of the award respectively.


Jurisdictional Choices in Times of Trouble

Dossier XII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 755E, €75

Written by arbitrators, academics and practitioners, this dossier addresses the multiple challenges facing the jurisdiction clause through an expert in-depth comparison of syndromes and proposed solutions in both arbitration and court proceedings.


The Application of Substantive Law by International Arbitrators

Dossier XI of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 753E, €65

This book examines issues that can arise when international arbitrators apply the rules of a national legal system. It provides a thorough picture of the practical issues raised when there is contradiction between the applicable law and the needs of international business.


Third-party Funding in International Arbitration

Dossier X of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 752E, €75

This publication gives an overview of the various funding techniques specific to international arbitration. It also analyzes some of the legal issues raised by such funding and the reactions it may arouse amongst practitioners. To give you a complete picture of challenges and opportunities of third-party funding, this vital reference for any practitioner and academic includes points of view of financiers, funders, arbitrators and counsel.


Players’ Interaction in International Arbitration

Dossier IX of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 737E, €75

Arbitral procedures are becoming longer, costlier and more complex. How can the different “players” involved in a case ensure that the proceedings remain efficient, harmonious and at the same time respectful of the parties’ rights? Some of today’s leading experts discuss this and other questions, taking into account the points of view of all “players” concerned: arbitrators, counsel, corporate lawyers and arbitral institutions. A must-read for anyone involved in international arbitration.


Is Arbitration Only as Good as the Arbitrator?

Dossier VIII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 714E, €75

Invaluable companion for practitioners and scholars alike, this publication looks at the relationship between the qualities of the arbitrators and the arbitrators’ “work-products”, namely the award and the arbitral process itself. Leading experts discuss issues such as clashes between arbitrator and litigants, arbitral discrimination under English and EU law or the arbitrator’s relation with third parties.


Multiparty Arbitration

Dossier VII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 701E, €75

Arbitral procedures are becoming more complex as commercial transactions begin to take place in an ever-increasing interdependent world. How can the several parties involved in multiparty contracts and proceedings be harmonized and handled in the interests of the best administration of justice? This Dossier seeks to encourage reflection on complex multiparty, multicontract arbitrations.



Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration

Dossier VI of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 698E, €125

This Dossier seeks to encourage reflection on future practice in relation to documentary evidence in international arbitration, looking for transnational solutions capable of striking a proper balance between efficiency and fairness. It tackles relevant issues including fraud, forgery, confidentiality and privilege.


Interest, Auxiliary and Alternative Remedies in International Arbitration

Dossier V of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 684E, €75

How can the quick and effective enforcement of awards be guaranteed in arbitral practice? The aim of this publication is to provide the reader with solutions on how to control the impact of time between the occurrence of the damage and its full compensation. Renowned arbitration professionals Antonias Dimolitsa, John Beechey, Andrea Giardina, John Yukio Gotanda, Grabrielle Kaufmann- Kohler, Alexis Mourre and V.V. Veeder, amongst others, give their own perspective on a wide range of topics related to remedies (contractual remedies, judicial penalties, specific performance) and interest (issue of applicable law, comparative approaches, interest in arbitration practice).


Evaluation of Damages in International Arbitration

Dossier IV of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

ICC Pub. No. 668E, €67.50 e-book

This publication provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the difficulties encountered by arbitrators, governments and international organizations in calculating the amounts of recoverable damages in cases of international arbitration. Written by expert arbitrators and practitioners, the book covers vital issues arising from determining recoverable damages and proposes practical solutions for resolving them.



Negotiation/Mediation in the 21st century

By Thierry Garby ICC Pub. No. 777E, €65 Also available in French

In the second half of the 20th century, scientific research unveiled the psychological mechanisms which contribute towards the forming of agreements. Mediation started to break impasses that negotiation could not resolve. This book shows how these findings result in an incredibly powerful method to negotiate contracts and treaties and resolve conflicts of all sorts. Written in an easy-to-read manner and citing many well-known references, this book will appeal to all professionals of negotiation and mediation, lawyers, corporate counsels, business managers, unions and association representatives, project managers, mediators etc.


Mediation Practice

8 Cultures, 16 Cases, 128 Creative Solutions

Edited by Greg Bond ICC Pub. No. 783E, €65

Mediation Practice is a dialogue between experienced mediation professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds, sharing their ideas on cases from across the globe. The eight mediators provide 16 cases and 128 responses and conclusions to these cases with hundreds of ideas on what mediators might do in specific situations. Each case focuses on a “mediation moment” when mediators ask themselves what to do next. Full of stories and insights, Mediation Practice is an enriching and entertaining read for all mediation practitioners, students, trainees, and trainers, and for anyone wishing to learn about the real world of mediation.