Schedule of Conciliation and Arbitration Costs

1. Registration fee

Each party to a dispute submitted to the ICC for conciliation or arbitration shall be liable for a registration fee of Fr. frs 100 (US $ 20) and no application will entertained unless accompanied by this deposit.

The registration fee shall also be payable by each party if a dispute is referred to an arbitrator outside the Rules of the ICC.

The registration fee is not recoverable and becomes the property of the ICC.

2. Costs of conciliation

Before a case is considered by the Conciliation Committee, each party shall contribute to the cost of the conciliation procedure by paying half the administrative charge, to be fixed by Headquarters, at a given sum within the following limits:

3. Costs of arbitration

A. Costs of arbitration (fees of arbitrators + administrative charge) are fixed by the Court within the following limits:

When the sum under dispute is not stated, the Court shall fix the deposit payable subject to later adjustment.

B. When arbitration is preceded by attempted conciliation, the administrative charge paid in respect of the said attempt shall be deducted from the cost of arbitration.

C. When a case is submitted to more than one arbitrator, the Court shall have the right to double or treble, as appropriate, the fixed sum allocated for payment of their fees.

D. Immediately the fees of the arbitrators and the administrative charge are fixed, the Court shall be entitled to require either or both parties to deposit the relevant sums with the ICC.

E. If a case is withdrawn before it reaches the arbitrator, all sums paid in shall be returned to the parties, after deduction of a sum equal to half the administrative charge.

F. Payments made in accordance with paragraph A above do not include either the personal expenses of the arbitrators, which shall, if appropriate, be claimed when the award is given, or any experts' fees, payment of which may be demanded during the arbitration procedure.