Arbitration Costs (1991, second edition)


Each party to a dispute submitted to the ICC-CMI International Maritime Arbitration Rules shall be liable for a registration fee of US$ 1,000. No application will be entertained unless accompanied by this payment.

The registration fee is not recoverable and becomes the property of the Secretariat of the Standing Committee.


The parties are responsible for paying to the Secretariat of the Standing Committee a sum intended to cover the arbitrator(s) fees, the administrative charge, the arbitrator(s) personal expenses and, should the case arise, the costs of any expertise procedure and all other similar expenses.


The arbitrator(s) set(s) (his) (their) own fees taking into account the complexity of the subject matter and the time spent thereon. However, the fees of the arbitrator(s) may be appealed to the Standing Committee within 30 days after notification of the award. The final decision with respect to determination of the fees of arbitrators lies with the Standing Committee in the event of appeal.


The amount of the administrative charge is calculated as set forth in the following table: