Schedule of Conciliation Costs

(a) Each party to a dispute submitted to conciliation under the ICC Rules of Optional Conciliation is required to make an advance payment of US $500 on the administrative expenses. No request for conciliation shall be entertained unless accompanied by the appropriate payment. This payment is not recoverable and becomes the property of the ICC. Such payment by a party shall be credited to the portion of the administrative expenses for the conciliation of such party.

(b) The administrative expenses for a conciliation procedure shall be fixed at one quarter of the amount calculated in accordance with the scale of administrative expenses as set out in Appendix III of the ICC Rules of Arbitration. Where the sum in dispute in a conciliation procedure is not stated, the Secretary General of the International Court of Arbitration (the "Court") shall fix the administrative expenses at his discretion.

(c) The fee of the conciliator to be paid by the parties shall be fixed by the Secretary General of the Court. Such fee shall be reasonable in amount, taking into consideration the time spent, the complexity of the dispute and any other relevant circumstances.

(d) Amounts paid to the conciliator do not include any possible value-added taxes (VAT) or other taxes or charges and imposts applicable to the conciliator's fees. Parties are expected to pay any such taxes or charges; however, the recovery of any such charges or taxes is a matter solely between the conciliator and the parties.