In force on 1 June 1955

The advantages to the business world of an international organisation for the settlement of business disputes of an international character, without recourse to the formalities of court proceedings, are such that the International Chamber of Commerce feels in duty bound to do everything in its power to encourage conciliation and arbitration. The Chamber therefore places its services at the disposal of all businessmen whenever its good offices are likely to conduce to the settlement of such business disputes.

Section A

Optional Conciliation

Article 1

Administrative Commission for Conciliation - Conciliation Committees

1. Any business dispute of an international character may be the subject of a request for settlement by amicable arrangement through the medium of the Administrative Commission for Conciliation established at the International Chamber of Commerce.

Each National Committee may nominate from one to three members to the Commission, from among its nationals resident in Paris; they shall be appointed for a term of two years by the President of the International Chamber of Commerce.

2. For each dispute, a Conciliation Committee of three members shall be set up by the President of the International Chamber of Commerce,

The Committee shall be composed of two conciliators, who shall be as far as possible of the nationalities of the applicant and of the other party, and of a Chairman of a nationality other than that of the parties involved, chosen in principle from the Administrative Commission for Conciliation.