Scope of the Rules


Dispute Boards established in accordance with the Dispute Board Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (the "Rules") aid the Parties in avoiding or resolving their Disagreements and Disputes. They may assist the Parties (i) in avoiding Disagreements under Article 16, (ii) in resolving Disagreements through informal assistance under Article 17, or (iii) in resolving Disputes by issuing Conclusions under Article 18.


Dispute Boards are not arbitral tribunals and their Conclusions are not enforceable like arbitral awards. Rather, the Parties contractually agree to be bound by the Conclusions under certain specific conditions set forth herein. In application of the Rules, the International Chamber of Commerce (the "ICC"), through its International Centre for ADR (the "Centre"), which is a separate administrative body within the ICC, can provide administrative services to the Parties. These services include appointing Dispute Board members ("DB Members"), deciding upon challenges against DB Members, determining the fees of DB Members, and reviewing Decisions.