Appendix I - Statutes of the Standing Committee

Article 1

Composition of the Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is composed of a maximum of fifteen members (a president, three vice-presidents and up to eleven other members) appointed by the ICC for a three-year renewable term.

Article 2


A meeting of the Standing Committee shall be convened by its president whenever necessary.

Article 3

Function and Duties of the Standing Committee


The Standing Committee shall advise the Centre concerning all aspects of the services carried out by the Centre pursuant to the Rules, in order to help ensure the quality of those services. It shall assist the Centre in reviewing the attributes of the experts or neutrals to be proposed under the Rules.


The Centre shall inform the members of the Standing Committee about all Requests for Proposal and ask the members for their advice.


The president shall make the final decision on the proposal of the expert or neutral.


In the absence of the president, or otherwise at the president’s request, one of the three vice-presidents shall be authorized by the Centre to fulfil the tasks of the president, including taking decisions pursuant to these statutes.

Article 4


The work of the Standing Committee and the Centre is of a confidential nature, which must be respected by everyone who participates in that work in whatever capacity.