Article 1 – Introductory Provisions

1. The Rules of ICC as Appointing Authority in UNCITRAL or Other Arbitration Proceedings (the “Rules”) shall apply when the International Chamber of Commerce or any authority within ICC (“ICC”) is empowered to act as appointing authority by agreement of the parties, designation by the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, or otherwise.

2. Under the Rules, the function of appointing authority shall be carried out exclusively by the ICC International Court of Arbitration (the “Court”). The Court shall fulfil this role pursuant to its statutes and internal rules set forth respectively in Appendices I and II of the ICC Rules of Arbitration (the “Statutes and Internal Rules”), which apply mutatis mutandis. The Court is assisted in its work by the Secretariat of the Court (the “Secretariat”) under the direction of the Secretary General (the “Secretary General”). The President of the Court (the “President”) or, in the President’s absence or otherwise at the President’s request, one of its Vice-Presidents shall have the power to take urgent decisions on behalf of the Court, provided that any such decision is reported to the Court.

3. ICC’s role as appointing authority under the Rules may include the appointment of arbitrators and any service described herein.