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Equal Access to Information & Justice Online Dispute Resolution - ODR 2017
Paris, France, 12 & 13 June 2017

Equal Access to Information & Justice Online Dispute Resolution - ODR 2017


13 June 2017

One of the objectives of the conference is to demystify ODR and to explain why and how it offers increased access to information and justice, particularly in emerging economies, conflict zones and remote places where individuals do not even have the benefit of judiciaries to resolve their disputes.

Programme 13 June 2017

Tuesday morning




Ethics and ODR systems design

  • Chair: Leah Wing
  • Panelists: Allan Barsky, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Nancy Welsh
  • Synopsis: Should algorithms be impacting or deciding outcomes? Should software developers be gatekeepers to access to justice? Is it possible to programme away bias? The panelists will explore ethical principles and standards for ODR, ADR, and Artificial Intelligence illustrating challenges that remain for the field and opportunities they provide for enhancing access to justice through ODR.


Artificial intelligence and expert systems in ODR, predictive justice, data collection and analysis, data protection, privacy, cyber security

  • Chair: Catherine A. Rogers
  • Panelists: Eric Barbry, Jérôme Dupré, Debi Slate
  • Synopsis: Advanced software-supported learning and decision-making systems are appearing. How are they changing the early ODR view of technology as the “Fourth Party”? Will the algorithms of predictive justice impact the outcome of disputes? ODR faces many of the same issues of data protection, privacy and secure communications that other online services face. How should the ODR field respond?


Governing the field of ODR, standards, practices

  • Chair: Daniel Rainey
  • Panelists: Brian Hutchinson, David Larson, Tresca Rodrigues
  • Synopsis: ODR is an emerging field in which issues of standards are becoming one of the focus of attention. What these standards should be and how they might differ with the ethics of the ADR field will be discussed.


Buffet lunch

Programme 13 June 2017

Tuesday afternoon


Online dispute resolution platforms, providers and mechanisms


Challenges facing ODR and future application of ODR


Coffee break


A discussion of three new books on ODR


Lightening rounds on evolution or revolution and pilot projects in ODR