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ICC Standards for Sustainable Trade and Sustainable Trade Finance

Roadmap and Vision for Industry, Policymakers, and Traders Worldwide’ – to act as a first step in the complex journey of defining and setting implementable standards for sustainable trade and trade finance.


Drafts (bills of exchange)

The use of drafts (bills of exchange) under documentary credits.


Trade Finance Principles

The Wolfsberg Group, ICC and BAFT

Trade Finance Principles
(2019 amendment)

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ICC Market Intelligence

Publications and Market Intelligence on Trade Finance globally. Annual reports produced by ICC Banking Commission.

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Technical Advisory Briefings

Take a look at our Technical Advisory Briefings

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2023 Trade Law & Compliance Conference Dubai | 14 March | 7 CPDs

The Trade Law & Compliance Conference taking place in Dubai on 14 March 2023 is an important technical, legal and operations component of the Global Trade Facilitation Summit 2023 – which is taking place the full week commencing 13th March 2023 at Dubai Chamber, Dubai, UAE.

This conference will enable Trade Professionals to re-connect, physically and virtually as the world emerges from the Pandemic to turn challenges into opportunities.

This conference will include interventions from experts who will attend physically and virtually from around the Globe, to debate, discuss and advance progress on legal and technical issues impacting global trade & finance.

Topics for debate, discussion, and expert insights:

  • Update on Trends and Development in Fighting Financial Crime
  • Landmark Commercial Letter of Credit Legal Cases during 2022
  • Guarantee and Standby Legal Cases during 2022
  • Trade Fraud Detection & Elimination
  • Sanctions and their impact on Trade Finance Instruments
  • Ship to Ship Monitoring Duties & Legal Obligations
  • Increasing Injunctions in Emerging Market
  • Technology to Fight Financial Crime
  • Case studies on crime prevention in SCF and Traditional Trade Finance
  • Guidance for the MENA Fighting Financial Crime Community
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