A quarry operator in the Canadian province of British Columbia has been told it must put up a letter of credit (L/C) to guarantee its environmental remediation obligations if it wants to resume operations.

The government of British Columbia has suspended Cobble Hill Holdings' permit, which allows it to receive and store contaminated soil upstream from Shawnigan Lake, a source of drinking water for the region.


With immediate effect, the waste discharge permit has been suspended for Cobble Hill Holdings due to its failure to meet its environmental care obligations.

Officials say the permit will be cancelled if the company fails to submit required materials within 15 business days.

L/C requirement

One item the company must provide is "an adjusted financial security in the form of an irrevocable L/C" that can be drawn upon should the company fail to meet its environmental obligations.

The company must also provide a satisfactory closure plan for the site, a cost estimate for the closure and two water management reports before the site can reopen.

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