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ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2022 - Issue 1

Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief

ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2021 - Issue 3

Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief


Issues for Arbitrators to Consider Regarding Experts

Commission Reports


Extracts from ICC arbitral awards published in the Bulletin from 1990 to date.

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Direct access to practical commentaries and academic studies across all publications.

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Global Developments

Dispute Resolution news from around the world ...

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ICC Activities news...

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Statistical Reports

Yearly digest of facts and figures on ICC dispute resolution.

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Commission Reports

Guidelines and policy papers from ICC's rule-making and research body for dispute resolution.

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ICC DOCDEX Decisions

DOCDEX - an accelerated ICC dispute resolution system.

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Enforcement Guide

Country-by-country information on local requirements and practices for enforcing awards.

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Procedural Decisions

Extracts from a selection of procedural orders issued in ICC arbitrations

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17th ICC New York Conference on International Arbitration

The ICC New York Conference on International Arbitration is ICC’s flagship arbitration event for North America. Join us at the 17th edition for thought-provoking discussions and insights into the latest North American arbitration trends.

The conference features experts in the field as well as representatives from the ICC International Court of Arbitration, all on hand to engage with professionals wanting to keep pace with the latest arbitral developments. A prime networking opportunity, this one-day conference has become a major event in the international arbitration calendar. It is a must-attend event for arbitration professionals in North America.

The conference will be followed by an ICC Institute advanced training on "Dispute Boards" on 29 September 2022.

Who should attend?

  • Practicing lawyers
  • Corporate counsel
  • Judges
  • Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Business professionals and academics coming from or doing business in Asia
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