ICC Dossiers

Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration: New Issues and Tendencies

Foreword by Serge Lazareff
Introduction by Teresa Govannini
1. Document Disclosure, Evidentiary Value of Documents and Burden of Evidence by Julian D.M. Lew
2. Privilege-Related Issues in International Arbitration by Guido Santiago Tawil and Ignacio J. Mirorini Lima

3. State Courts and Document Production by Laurence Shore

4. Production of Documents and Fraud in International Arbitration by Markus Wirth

5. Adverse Inferences in International Arbitration by Vera van Houtte

6. Are the IBA Rules Perfectible? by V.V. Veeder

7. US-Style Discovery: Good or Evil by Lucy F. Reed and Ginger Hancock

8. Massive Productions of Documents and Demonstrative Exhibits by Bernard Hanotiau
9. The Paper Tsunami in International Arbitration: Problems, Risks for the Arbitrators’ Decision Making and Possible Solutions by Michael Schneider
10. Will Electronic Evidence and E-Discovery Change the Face of Arbitration? by Carole Malinvaud
11. Electronic Disclosure in International Arbitration: the CIArb Protocol for E-Disclosure in Arbitration by David Howell
12. The ICC Task Force on the Production of Electronic Documents in Arbitration - An Overview by Loretta Malintoppi
13. Options for Approaching Evidentiary Privilege in International Arbitration by Amy F. Cohen
Concluding Remarks by Alexis Mourre
IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration
CIArb Protocol for E-Disclosure in Arbitration
Selected Bibliography