Nordic financial services group SEB and Finnish industrial group Wärtsilä have used aspects of letter of credit (L/C) processing to carry out a test of secure data sharing between companies in trade finance operations.

According to SEB, the test demonstrated that manual and time-consuming document exchanges can be replaced by data interchange which enables automated processes.

Secure document exchanges

The test case involved document exchanges in an L/C transaction that would normally have been executed by mailing PDF documents between the parties whereas in this pilot case SEB and Wärtsilä exchanged structured data sets.

The proof-of-concept was carried out on the IHAN platform developed by technology company Digital Living International in collaboration with the Finnish innovation fund Sitra and cybersecurity company Nixu.

Ground-breaking result

"The prototype was evaluated in January and the result is ground-breaking," says SEB transaction services business developer, Harri Rantanen.

"Although this proof of concept focused on a small part of the L/C process, we have confirmed that you can go simply and securely from document exchange to data interchange on a platform that works independently of the systems and processes used by the parties involved," he adds.

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