Commercial entities are starting to see surety bonds as an attractive alternative to traditional letters of credit L/Cs according to the Insurance Business magazine.

It says this is due to concerns about interest rates in many global markets, causing companies to look for more reliable, cost-effective credit solutions.

L/C alternative

US surety practice leader at global insurance brokers and risk management consultants, Marsh, told the magazine that many who previously looked to manage their risk through an L/C are finding that surety bonds provide a really good alternative.

Surety bonds "often come at a cost advantage, leaving borrowing space available for other financial necessities," he said.

How it works

A surety transaction involves three parties: the obligee, the principal, and the surety.

A surety bond protects the obligee to whom the bond is paid to in the event of a default against losses, up to the limit of the bond, that result from the failure of the party with the guaranteed obligation to perform its obligation.

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