The City of Calgary has substantially replaced the requirement for property developers to put up letters of credit (L/Cs) to guarantee they fulfil their construction contracts and associated obligations with a Development Surety Bond (DSB).

Developers who do not qualify for a DSB however may still be required to put up an L/C to guarantee their work.

Major advantages

Senior vice-president with Marsh Canada, a major surety company working in insurance brokering and risk management, Fraser de Walle, says the DSB offers major advantages over the L/C guarantee.

"There are several positives to the City accepting a bond as an alternative to the L/C. A bond is classified as off-balance sheet security, meaning it does not tie up capital in the same way that an L/C does," he says.

When that capital is freed up, a developer can pay down costs and invest in new projects.

L/Cs will continue

The City of Calgary is now the only top-10 major city in Canada to forgo the L/C in favour of a DSB, says de Walle, who adds that in the US this type of bond is in common use.

The L/C system will remain in place, as not all developers will be approved to have access to the use of the DSB.

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