Flows of letters of credit (L/Cs) are expected to increase under the African Export-Import Bank's (Afreximbank's) recently unveiled five-year strategic plan.

The Pan-African trade finance provider's Impact 2021 plan aims, in the period 2017-21, to support at least US$90 billion in trade, a very substantial increase in funding compared with previous years.

Improved services

Services expected to benefit from the increased funding include the bank's reimbursement guarantee facility, which enables African and non-African banks to take the credit risk of eligible banks.

Afreximbank issues a guarantee covering the payment risk of African and non-African banks under L/Cs or other acceptable trade debt instruments.

Reimbursement guarantee

Under the facility, banks confirming L/Cs issued by eligible banks may approach Afreximbank to provide a reimbursement guarantee to be called in should the L/C issuing bank fail to pay.

The facility helps African banks issue L/Cs at a reasonable cost without the need for cash collateral and accept L/Cs issued by banks they are not familiar with, without requesting confirmation.

Increased funding

The increased funding to be made available under Impact 2021 is significant. The newly announced US$90 billion over five years compares with US$41 billion in credit facilities in the 24 years since Afreximbank's creation.

The bank is targeting US$25 billion at intra-African trade by supporting the development of continental supply chains and export manufacturing capacity.

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