Russia's Sberbank has signed a master agreement on letters of credit (L/Cs) with Metalloinvest subsidiary, Mikhailovsky GOC, which operates the second largest open pit iron ore mine in Russia.

The agreement is for a project to construct a hot briquetted iron (HBI) facility at the Mikhailovsky mine in Kursk, Russia.

Green credentials

The new HBI facility is expected to contribute significantly to Metalloinvest's aim to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Metallurgy accounts for almost a tenth of global emissions, and the use of HBI reduces direct greenhouse gas emissions in steelmaking by 60 per cent compared with the traditional blast furnace converter process.

Initial L/Cs

The bank's first L/Cs are expected to be used to mobilise EUR 246 million (US$291 million) of financing for the construction of the HBI facility.

The agreement matures in 2025 and the initial L/Cs are expected to be followed by further financings of the project.

Popular L/C solutions

Sberbank says its solutions for structuring secure international settlements using L/Cs are increasingly popular and especially relevant in such a large investment project since they allow the company to optimise financial resources and ensure comfortable terms for equipment supplies.

Metalloinvest is a subsidiary of USM Group. Its deputy CEO, Pavel Mitrofanov, says the import L/Cs opened by Sber guarantee stable long-term settlements with foreign suppliers, facilitate the timely delivery of equipment and will allow the project to be implemented ahead of schedule.

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