A fund operated by the European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed three new guarantee agreements with Unicredit Bulbank, United Bulgarian Bank and ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) to support fast-growing documentary finance activity in Bulgaria.

Under the agreements the three European Investment Fund (EIF) partner banks will

finance Bulgarian small enterprises and small mid-caps with instruments such as letters of credit (L/Cs), payment guarantees, advance payment guarantees and performance bonds.

EIF guarantees

The total credit portfolio of the three Bulgarian banks under this instrument is expected to reach EUR 200 million (US$219 million).

The EIF guarantee will cover 50 per cent of the credit risk in each credit line free of charge up to a cap of 25 per cent losses in the portfolio.


The three guarantee agreements are expected to help around 4,500 Bulgarian enterprises obtain new credit products at a reduced price, with lower collateral and longer maturities.

The new instrument will address financing needs not covered by other existing guarantee facilities on the Bulgarian credit market.

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