What is the ICC Trade Register?

The ICC Trade Register is an unparalleled instrument to measure global risk in trade and export finance facilitated by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the world's leading banks.

The ICC Trade Register aims to provide:

  • An objective and transparent view of the credit risk profile and characteristics of trade, supply chain and export finance with the intention of contributing to informed policy and regulatory decisions.
  • Access to high-quality and up-to-date data on trade, supply chain and export finance, which can be incorporated as an integral component of annual credit risk factor reviews and model calibration for trade finance.

A common understanding of the international regulations affecting bank capital requirements for trade and export finance as part of ICC's commitment to effective and collaborative advocacy.

Project Scope

The scope of the ICC Trade Register has continued to evolve over the recent years to include, for example, an expanded geographic reach, number and diversity of contributors, volume and quality of data, and alignment of analytical methods to the Basel Approach.

The product scope includes short-term traditional trade and supply chain finance products as well as medium to long-term export credit agency (ECA) backed export finance loans. Short-term products are instruments with a typical maturity of less than one year and with a clear link to a specific underlying trade transaction.

Note: Performance Guarantees and Standby L/Cs have maturities greater than one year.

The ICC Trade Register analysis focuses on credit-related risk across the following products:

  • Trade Finance
    • Import and export letters of credit
    • Loans for import/export
    • Performance guarantees and standby letters of credit
  • Supply Chain Finance
    • Restricted to "payables", part of supply chain products and solutions
  • Export Finance
    • Export Loans backed by OECD/non-OECD ECAs and multilaterals for commercial and/or political risk

This year's report captures a full decade of trade finance-related data - containing nearly USD 16 trillion of exposures from 32 million transactions across six products and 25 banks worldwide. It also features a number of topical contributions and commentary on global trade from leading experts - including a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19's impact on global trade.

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