Singapore based NR Capital, which offers an alternative to traditional balance sheet lending to small- and medium-sized enterprises in the bulk commodity market sector, says it will implement Chinsay's Contract Management Platform to digitalise the process of drafting, issuing and validating commodity contracts.

NR Capital's technology framework digitises fundamental supply chain processes, including letters of credit (L/Cs).

Cloud-based solution

According to NR Capital, Chinsay's platform is a single cloud-based solution for end-to-end contract management and counter-party collaboration.

As well L/Cs, NR Capital's framework digitises fundamental supply chain processes including sales and purchase contracts and electronic bills of lading.

Digital processes

NR Capital's CEO, Tom James, says Chinsay's technology is aligned with his firm's focus on the digitisation of all operational processes.

Based in Sweden, Chinsay's is an independently owned 'software as a service' platform for the end-to-end administration of contracts in the global commodities and freight markets.

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