Four people have been charged in the US state of New Jersey in connection with a fraud that promised a gold dealer a valuable standby letter of credit (L/C) to fund its imports.

All four were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a scheme that aimed to defraud an unnamed company out of US$1 million.

Mexican gold bonds

The fraudsters told the victims that they could obtain for their company a standby L/C backed by Mexican gold bonds.

The unnamed company wanted access to the standby L/C because the owners believed it could be used to purchase gold from other countries.

Shell company

So the company agreed to pay the fraudsters US$1 million for the supposed bank fees for the standby L/C.

The defendants made numerous verbal and written misrepresentations, including providing the victims with a phony letter from a major international bank saying it would provide a EUR 1 billion standby L/C to the defendants' shell company.

No value

But after the company transferred the US$1 million for the supposed bank fees to the defendants, they failed to provide the targeted company with a standby L/C or anything else of value.

Instead, the alleged fraudsters used the money to buy luxury cars and expensive watches, make mortgage payments on their homes and withdraw large amounts of cash.

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