A Canadian oil company has had its licence to produce oil withdrawn for failing to produce the letter of credit (L/C) the Albanian government wanted to guarantee that work specified in its licence would be completed.

Albania's ministry of infrastructure and energy's Agjencia Kombëtare e Burimeve Natyrore (National Agency of Natural Resources - AKBN) has withdrawn the Velca Block production sharing agreement (PSA) concluded between state-owned oil company Albpetrol and Canada-based Pennine Petroleum Corporation, according to statement issued by Pennine

Licence withdrawn

According to the AKBN's letter, the licence has been withdrawn as a result of Pennine not providing a L/C for the initial phase of works described in the PSA.

Pennine has been informed that it may re-apply for the license.

Rigorous search

Pennine said it been "rigorous in its search for treasury-based financing or joint venture partners for the Velca Block in North America, London and Europe, with no success."

The company is currently investigating opportunities with a focus on producing assets with strong development potential in stable political and pricing regimes in Canada and abroad.

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