Bolero International, perhaps now the most established of global trade finance digitisation providers, has launched its new Galileo platform.

Featuring a letter of credit (L/C) management function, Bolero claims its new platform will future-proof digital trade services for banks, corporates, carriers and other parties.

More flexibility

Bolero, which was established more than two decades ago, says its new platform delivers greater functionality and seamless integration with banks and other third-party systems, providing end-to-end visibility to corporate clients and banks.

A flexible, modular and scalable platform, Galileo integrates with back-office, treasury, enterprise resource planning, and blockchain-based systems.

L/C features

A major extension in functionality within the platform enables users to create, edit and manage L/Cs, electronic presentations and guarantees, as well as open account transactions and electronic bills of lading.

Users can also opt to subscribe to value-added services in areas such as compliance and e-certificates of origin.

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