The German development bank, KfW, and the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) have announced a new facility to support renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Regional Liquidity Support Facility (RLSF) will provide independent power producers (IPPs) the cash collateral and guarantees required by a commercial bank to open a standby letter of credit (L/C).

The L/C would be used to cover the IPP's obligations to lenders if the offtaker fails in its payment obligations to the IPP.

RLSF targets

The RLSF targets small- and mid-scale green power renewable energy projects generating up to 50 megawatts of electricity.

It is designed to provide a viable solution to one of the biggest challenges facing IPPs operating in Africa, specifically the requirement to provide project lenders with a liquidity guarantee.

The RLSF will provide immediate cash collateral supported by guarantees to a commercial bank that will in turn open a standby L/C to the benefit of the IPP.

L/C benefits

The amount provided will enable the IPP to operate and service its debt for up to 6 months after an offtaker fails in its payment obligations.

Unlike most IPP L/Cs - which tend to be 12-month tenors - the facility is designed to be in place for several years.

The German government through KfW will provide funding of up to EUR 32.9 million to the facility.

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