A specialist letter of credit (L/C) provider has issued a statement warning people of an individual who uses the firm's name to perpetrate frauds.

Bachmann & Welser Capital says it has received several independent complaints from prospective clients claiming to have been approached by a Ghanaian man called Isaac Asare Nkansah.

Public caution

The firm says the man purports to be an appointed representative of theirs but then defrauds clients with the promise of arranging banking instruments for them.

Bachmann & Welser Capital cautions the general public against dealing with Nkansah.

L/C specialist

"We have not appointed him and want to caution anyone who is approached by him as to immediately report to the nearest law enforcement agency," the firm said in a statement.

Bachmann & Welser is a UK based standby L/C and trade finance specialist.

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