Sri Lanka is using letters of credit (L/Cs) to ensure that imported used vehicles meet the country's new emission standards.

Second hand vehicles imported on L/Cs opened after new legislation on emissions was introduced in July must be rigorously tested and importers must obtain appropriate certification.

Cut-off date

Vehicles imported on L/Cs opened after 13 July 2018 must undergo a pre-shipment emission inspection and certification, according to the authorities.

Motor vehicles that do not comply with the new emission and safety standards will be re-exported by the importer at its own cost.

New motor vehicles and second hand vehicles imported on L/Cs before 13 July 2018 are exempt from the ruling.

L/C instructions

In an extraordinary notice published in Sri Lanka's official gazette, the authorities warned against tampering with L/Cs. "Such L/Cs shall not be amended," it declared.

Motor vehicles imported on L/Cs issued before 13 July 2018 must be cleared from Sri Lanka Customs on or before 31 October 2018, the gazette added.

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