Traydstream, a fintech company specialising in trade document scrutiny using artificial intelligence (AI), has announced the signing of a joint partnership agreement with a subsidiary of information technology major Infosys.

Traydstream's platform digitises the manual process of vetting letters of credit (L/Cs) for discrepancies.

As part of the partnership with Infosys Finacle, Traydstream's solution will be integrated with Finacle's blockchain based trade finance solution, Finacle TradeConnect, to enable further automation of trade finance processes.

TraydstreamTraydstream's platform can automatically recognise over 160 different document types and is able to extract as well as understand over 3,000 attributes, allowing it to support export and import L/Cs in respect of their issuance, amendments and document presentation.

The platform can also be used to support import and export documentary collections and open account transactions.

FinacleFinacle TradeConnect is a blockchain-based solution designed to automate inter-organisational processes for trade finance.

It can also be used to support L/C processing as well as bill collection, open account processing and invoice financing.

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