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2018 Global trade: Securing future growth

About Global Survey 2018: Securing future growth in trade finance

Published annually, the ICC Banking Commission’s Global Survey report is an unparalleled look into the global trade finance industry. Based on exclusive information from over 250 banks in more than 90 countries, the Global Survey offers invaluable perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the trade finance industry from the practitioners themselves. The survey results are bolstered by contributions from an international array of leading voices on trade, including experts from the World Bank, Boston Consulting Group and the World Trade Organization.

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2017 Trade Register Report

The 2017 report, produced with support from ICC’s project partners - The Boston Consulting Group and Global Credit Data - draws on information from 22 member banks to present a global view of the credit risk profiles of trade and export finance transactions.

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2017 Rethinking Trade & Finance

A comprehensive overview of the major regional and global trends in trade and trade finance, covering issues related to the trade finance gap, access to finance, export finance and supply chain finance – and how digitisation, new technologies blockchain and FinTech are reshaping the industry.

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Previous publications

ICC Trade Register Report 2016

The 2016 report corroborates findings from previous years that Trade Finance products present banks with short average maturities, and little credit risk, with low default rates and loss rates.

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2016

A detailed statistical analysis of the regional and global trends in trade and trade finance, followed by a digest of the latest trends in the support of trade operations by export finance, export insurance, forfaiting, factoring, as well as multilateral development banks, and views on the growing relevance of digitisation developments and the importance of financing trade sustainably.

ICC Trade Register Report 2015

This report, produced by the ICC Banking Commission in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, presents a view of the risk profile of the Trade and Export Finance industry globally, with particular focus on credit-related default and loss experience.

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2015

A detailed statistical analysis of the regional and global trends in trade finance followed by a digest of the activities of multilateral development banks and export credit agencies in trade finance that charts their growing presence.