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Equal Access to Information & Justice Online Dispute Resolution - ODR 2017
Paris, France, 12 & 13 June 2017

Equal Access to Information & Justice Online Dispute Resolution - ODR 2017


12 June 2017

One of the objectives of the conference is to demystify ODR and to explain why and how it offers increased access to information and justice, particularly in emerging economies, conflict zones and remote places where individuals do not even have the benefit of judiciaries to resolve their disputes.

Programme 12 June 2017

Monday morning


Registration & breakfast


Keynote Speakers


Promoting the use of ICTs in the face of injustice, violence, discrimination and denial of human rights


Why are certain courts living the ODR revolution and what will it take to get the courts and the legal profession to engage?

  • Chair: Graham Ross
  • Panelists: Salaheddine Al-Bashir, Louis Degos, Dory Reiling
  • Synopsis: In recent years, there have been notable achievements in courts using ODR, such as in Singapore, Korea, the Netherlands, and ambitious planning for online courts in the UK. In other countries, including the United States, progress has been slow. The panel will try to identify ways in which change can be accelerated.


Buffet lunch

Programme 12 June 2017

Monday afternoon


Corporate in-house legal process innovation to default ODR policies and practices


Government and public-sector platforms in civil conflicts


Coffee break


Consumer and civil disputes: do the existing systems offer means of free access to justice or access at low-cost?

  • Chair: Benjamin Davis
  • Panelists: María Mercedes Albornoz, Pablo Cortés, Vincent Tilman
  • Synopsis: The EU ODR regulation is an important step forward in the protection of consumers. The panel will review the implementation and relevance for C2C and B2C in the EU and elsewhere. Some jurisdictions offer access to justice in civil disputes. The panel will demonstrate how access to justice online is possible.


Technology used by dispute resolution organisations


Networking Cocktail