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International Standard Banking Practice

Weight List, Note or Slip ("Weight List")

Paragraph N1 to N6

Basic requirement and fulfilling its function

N1) When a credit requires the presentation of a weight list, this will be satisfied by the presentation of a document titled as called for in the credit, or bearing a similar title or untitled, that fulfils its function by containing any information as to the weight of the goods.

Issuer of a weight list

N2) A weight list is to be issued by the entity stated in the credit.

N3) When a credit does not indicate the name of an issuer, any entity may issue a weight list.

Content of a weight list

N4) When a credit indicates specific weight requirements, without stipulating the document to indicate compliance with these requirements, any data regarding the weight of the goods mentioned on a weight list, if presented, are not to conflict with those requirements.

N5) A weight list may indicate a different invoice number, invoice date and shipment routing to that indicated on one or more other stipulated documents, provided the issuer of the weight list is not the beneficiary.

N6) Banks only examine total values, including, but not limited to, total quantities, total weights, total measurements or total packages, to ensure that the applicable total does not conflict with a total shown in the credit and on any other stipulated document.