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International Standard Banking Practice

Analysis, Inspection, Health, Phytosanitary, Quantity Quality and Other Certificates ("certificate")

Paragraph Q1 to Q11

Basic requirement and fulfilling its function

Q1) When a credit requires the presentation of such a certificate, this will be satisfied by the presentation of a signed document titled as called for in the credit, or bearing a similar title or untitled, that fulfils its function by certifying the outcome of the required action, for example, the results of the analysis, inspection, health, phytosanitary, quantity or quality assessment.

Q2) When a credit requires the presentation of a certificate that relates to an action required to take place on or prior to the date of shipment, the certificate is to indicate:

a. an issuance date that is no later than the date of shipment; or

b. wording to the effect that the action took place prior to, or on the date of, shipment, in which event, when an issuance date is also indicated, it may be subsequent to the shipment date but no later than the date of presentation of the certificate; or

c. a title indicating the event, for example, "Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate".

Issuer of a certificate

Q3) A certificate is to be issued by the entity stated in the credit.

Q4) When a credit does not indicate the name of an issuer, any entity including the beneficiary may issue a certificate.

Q5) When a credit makes reference to an issuer of a certificate in the context of its being "independent", "official", "qualified" or words of similar effect, a certificate may be issued by any entity except the beneficiary.

Contents of a certificate

Q6) A certificate may indicate:

a. that only a sample of the required goods has been tested, analyzed or inspected;

b. a quantity that is greater than that stated in the credit or on any other stipulated document; or

c. more hold, compartment or tank numbers than that stated on the bill of lading or charter party bill of lading.

Q7) When a credit indicates specific requirements with respect to analysis, inspection, health, phytosanitary, quantity or quality assessment or the like, with or without stipulating the document to indicate compliance with these requirements, the data regarding the analysis, inspection, health, phytosanitary, quantity or quality assessment or the like mentioned on the certificate or any other stipulated document are not to conflict with those requirements.

Q8) When a credit is silent as to the specific content to appear on a certificate, including, but not limited to, any required standard for determining the results of the analysis, inspection or quality assessment, the certificate may include statements such as "not fit for human consumption", "chemical composition may not meet required needs" or words of similar effect, provided such statements do not conflict with the credit, any other stipulated document or UCP 600.

Q9) Consignee information, when shown, is not to conflict with the consignee information in the transport document. However, when a credit requires a transport document to be issued "to order", "to the order of shipper", "to order of issuing bank", "to order of nominated bank (or negotiating bank)" or "consigned to issuing bank", a certificate may show the consignee as any entity named in the credit except the beneficiary. When a credit has been transferred, the first beneficiary may be stated to be the consignee.

Q10) A certificate may indicate as the consignor or exporter an entity other than the beneficiary of the credit or the shipper as shown on any other stipulated document.

Q11) A certificate may indicate a different invoice number, invoice date and shipment routing to that indicated on one or more other stipulated documents, provided the exporter or consignor shown on the certificate is not the beneficiary.