ICC Uniform Rules for Forfaiting - URF 800

- Including Model Agreements

The URF provide for the first time a standard set of forfaiting rules that reflect a broad consensus among bankers, users and all members of the forfaiting community. Created by experts for experts, URF is a must-have for anyone involved in international trade finance transactions.

The Law of Letters of Credit in China

This book is of immense help for anyone doing export/import transactions with China. Detailed comments, in-depth explanations and critical analyses enable trade finance practitioners to better understand the L/C system and related judicial interpretations in the country.

2013 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice

by the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice

This volume is a practical reference for anyone working in trade finance and brings you all latest developments in the field on a handy and fully searchable USB stick.

Coming soon:

Uniform Rules on Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO)

Bank Payment Obligations enable banks to mitigate the risks associated with international trade to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. They enable flexible financing propositions across the supply chain, from pre-shipment to post-shipment. The world's first rules on BPOs will help harmonize supply chain finance practices and foster better understanding of these innovative practices.

International Standard Banking Practice revised

To reflect current best practice and recent developments in the world of trade finance, the ICC Banking Commission now updated the successful International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP). If you use documentary credits and other trade finance products in your daily job, you should have a copy on your bookshelf.