ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2005-2008

New Opinions on UCP 600 & 500, ISBP, URC and URDG

Edited by Gary Collyer and Ron Katz

UCP 600 gave rise to queries from bankers, lawyers and shippers worldwide. This latest Opinions book provides precise answers to the key issues raised. A must for practitioners who need to stay up to date with daily practice in letters of credit, collections and guarantees.

2009 Annual Review of International Banking Law and Practice

Edited by James E. Byrne, Christopher S. Byrnes and Lee H. Davis

This all-in-one reference tool is indexed for easy reference to terms from "Acceptance" to "Wrongful Dishonour" and contains 68 case summaries, 23 articles, 11 government actions, and 3 practice reports. Electronic format on CD only.

Collected DOCDEX Decisions 2004-2008 - eBoOk

Decisions by ICC Experts on Documentary Credits, Collections and Demand Guarantees

DOCDEX Decisions often allow the disputing parties to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings. Clearly organized and supplemented with an index, this collection demonstrates how ICC rules are applied on a day-to-day basis. eBook version only.

ICC Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements URR 725

URR 725 contains a number of technical changes from the previous version, URR 525, and will be used by all letter of credit practitioners who incorporate the revised URR into their letters of credit. Also available in French.

Fighting Corruption

International Corporate Integrity Handbook

Edited by Fritz Heimann and François Vincke

Fighting Corruption is a must-have reference for anyone concerned with stamping out bribery, extortion and the other evils associated with corruption. It arms business executives with clear guidance and practical advice on how to protect companies and shareholders.